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Difference between water damage and flood damage

Most homeowners around the world are aware of the fact that water is the second-most primary source of damage to houses after a fire. It is also one of the most covered hazards on a standard home insurance policy and a real issue in several cities around the world.

However, the very same homeowners might not be aware that flood is considered a completely separate disaster than water. Also, a flood is not covered in most standard home insurance policies. This is where the difference between water damage and flood damage can get a lot confusing and tends to become a major conflict when damage is being claimed that is not covered by the insurance policy.

What is the water damage?

Water damage is damages caused by water. There are a lot of reasons why water damage occurs. Some include severe rainstorms, pipe bursts, overflow of your toilets, or hailstorm breaking through your window.

Typically, water damage is covered under homeowner’s insurance; however, it is harder to claim the insurance caused by a maintenance issue that should have been repaired, like a faulty overflowing toilet, etc.

What is flood damage?

When more than a single home is suffering from damages by water, it is known as flood damage. Flood damages are caused by causes like overflowing inland or tidal waters like creeks and rivers, sudden accumulation of runoff water from a single source like hills and mountains, etc.

If you and your neighbours face water issues due to rising water or heavy rain, you can claim flood insurance. Claiming insurance in this scenario is easier because most insurance companies cover water damages where the homeowner could not do anything to prevent the hazard.

What are the similarities between water damage and flood damage?

While both are considered different from each other, water damage and flood damage also share some similarities. They both create mayhem and destruction by flooding and submerging your belongings, cause you to lose irreplaceable items, and cause structural damages. The cleanup process involved almost remains the same, as well as the steps you have to take to make sure that your claims will be honoured by the insurance company.

To make sure that your claims are processed by the insurance company, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Safety and health aspects of water damage v/s flood damage

There are three categories of damage by water. They are:

Category 1: Water damage that is classified under Category 1 means that the water comes from sources like faucets, supply lines, etc. These sources are not contaminated and can be cleaned easily with the standard dry cleaning process.

Category 2: This category is also known as ‘grey water’ and occurs when there is a leakage in sources that contain some contamination like sump pump failures, dishwasher leakage, etc. Apart from the standard drying and cleaning procedure, it also requires some degree of decontamination and sanitation.
Category 3: Also known as ‘black water’, the water comes from sources that are significantly contaminated by toxic materials and pathogens like standing water and sewage. Extreme sterilization is needed before the cleaning team enters the structure.

While Category 1 and Category 2 can fall into water damage, flood water is always classified under Category 3.

What does your insurance cover for water damage and flood damage?

Here are some potential damages that your insurance policy will cover in case of water damage:

Some damages covered under flood damage are:

If you are looking for water damage restoration services, make sure you give us a call! Whether it is damaged by floods or normal water, we will make sure that your home looks as good as new!