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Emergency carpet cleaning and drying in Melbourne

Our expert carpet cleaning team provide you with exceptional experience in all emergency carpet cleaning and emergency carpet drying services across Melbourne. Our carpet cleaners will visually inspect your carpet to identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of the expected results. Our carpet drying equipment combined with a unique cleaning process will ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned. We use the latest carpet cleaning tools, materials, and techniques to ensure your carpets retain their best colour and texture.

water damage at home affecting the sofas, furniture and wallsEmergency cleaning for residential carpets

Emergency cleaning for residential carpets is similar to carpet cleaning techniques. If you are looking for an emergency residential carpet cleaning company, we offer you the best of emergency residential carpet cleaning in Melbourne. As professional carpet cleaners, we have the experience and skills to thoroughly clean your carpets.

Emergency cleaning for commercial carpets

Keeping your commercial carpets and floors clean and tidy can be quite challenging. Keeping the carpets clean is important to keep a good appearance of your office. This leaves an excellent first impression on your visitors, guests and customers who can step into your business location at any time. Several methods can be used as cleaning solutions for commercial carpets. Our best emergency commercial carpet cleaning team provides satisfactory commercial cleaning service.

Our emergency carpet drying process

Our company follows the best procedure for our carpet water damage restoration services. Here is a general overview of how the water cleaning process works, irrespective if it occurs in your basement or elsewhere in your property:

Water removal and soaking up from carpet:-

Before we begin comprehensive emergency carpet drying service, we must first get rid of any standing water on your carpet. We use industrial powered water removal equipment to drain standing water. In this phase of the process, we may as well use disposable towels to soak water from the carpet.

wet-carpet-cleaning-with-a-vacuum-cleanerObserve loss and transfer personal confidence:-

Once the standing water is removed, our carpet drying team will clean and move furniture to a safe dry place. We will conduct a full water damage inspection to determine if your wet carpet can be saved. The factors we are looking for once, are carpet pollution from water damage. Having done this, we can proceed to the next step of wet carpet assessment to decide if the carpet needs replacement or just drying and cleaning.

Carpet assessment services:-

In most cases, wet carpet is replaced to avoid any further contamination and mould growth. However, if the carpet is just fine and it was only wet because of white water, then it will be dried and cleaned. However, we will lift the carpet pad to dry underneath.

Water drying equipment and monitoring:-

We use best water restoration air movers and dehumidifiers to properly dry your property to a safe level and remove the humidity from the air simultaneously. Every day or two we will send a trained technician to inspect the situation and use a moisture meter to determine where we are in the drying process. Once the moisture level in your property reaches a level lower than the safety level, the drying process is complete. Once the drying process is complete, we will remove our equipment and sanitise the area to prevent mould growth.

Best tools and latest equipment for carpet drying

We have a wide range of specialised extraction and drying equipment to ensure the fastest carpet drying results for our customers. We are well prepared and equipped to handle flooding and water damage situations of any size, from flooded homes to water damaged residential and commercial centres. We have the knowledge and experience to take care of it for you.

Dehumidifiers – remove moisture from the air and aid in drying
Air movers – Helping drying by blowing a high volume of air
Water extraction assist tools – The special tool used to increase airflow during the extraction process thus increases efficiency.
Moisture detection instruments – These devices detect moisture on any floor surface, walls and ceilings. Our devices will also be able to measure humidity and temperature levels.
Fogging machines – Used to apply anti-bacterial treatments

Job size doesn’t matter

We work for you irrespective of the size of the job. We do not worry about the job size and we happily take over any job that we can manage in emergency situations.

Cleaning and maintaining your commercial and residential premise can do wonders for your well-being and health.

Can you leave the carpet to dry naturally?

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a householder makes. When a carpet is damaged by a flood or there is a leakage of water on the carpet, it will take time to dry. Drying carpets naturally will take longer to create many aesthetic, health, and odour problems in your home. We list some of the problems below…

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