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What we offer

Wet Carpets Melbourne offers water damage carpet cleaning and flooded carpet restoration across Melbourne and regional Victoria. We are certified experts of carpet water damage with seven years of experience. Our water damage restoration company is certified to follow the global cleaning standards in all that we do.

Flood water damage situation arises from flash floods, severe rain, burst pipes, running taps, washing machine overflows, and dishwasher overflows, tile grouting leakage and water ingress from poorly sealed wall cavities. No matter the reason for your water damaged carpet or structural damage to your building, we have the expertise and capacity to clean and dry your property to restore to its original condition.

24/7 Emergency Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services Across Melbourne

Water can penetrate easily into carpets, walls, and basement. This could cause invisible damage in the form of mildew and mould, which means water damage is more critical than you can imagine.

The longer your carpet is moist, it increases the humidity in the room, causing the mould growth, which is hazardous to your health. Do not leave the rug wet for more than 24 hours as it is more likely to suffer from mould damage.

All flood damage situation is critical and should be addressed almost immediately within a few hours. You need skilled expertise for water damage restoration. We can reach all suburbs of Melbourne within one hour.

We provide emergency water damage carpet cleaning services across Melbourne. We can reach all suburbs of Melbourne within one hour.

Water Damage Restoration Process:

  1. Carpet water damage assessment
  2. Water removal from a flood-damaged carpet and wet surfaces
  3. Odour removal process with bacterial decontamination
  4. Specialised water damage carpet drying
  5. Removal of stains and browning from water damaged carpet
  6. Ongoing monitoring of the water damage restoration process
  7. Re-laying and restretching carpets
  8. Insurance reporting

1. Carpet water damage assessment

For assessing the water saturation levels and the carpet damage, we use special moisture detection monitors. It is also ideal for learning if the water damage has been from clean water or contaminated water. It helps to plan for water damage cleaning and flooded carpet drying program. We will arbitrate how much your carpets are damaged, underlay and subfloor as well to know if the flood water damage has started to affect your other items and walls.

Our water damage restoration specialists will develop a suitable remediation program after studying the category and class of water damage. We will advise if it is best to replace the carpet or to clean and dry it for reuse. We will commence the restoration immediately to avoid further structural and carpet damage.

2. Water removal from a flood-damaged carpet and wet surfaces

With our specialised water removal extraction equipment, we will remove the existing water with significant airflow and vacuum suction. Removing the existing water will eventually stop further damage to other items and walls from getting wet and moist. This water extraction process also helps to keep the drying time at the lowest possible time. Hence, it has to be done first and fast because water and its residue could penetrate walls and surrounding secondary item that could help grow mould and mildew. If water is not extracted adequately, then it could damage the sub-floor underneath and could prove to be more expensive.

Do not attempt to use towels to extract water as it is not sufficient. Also, please do not use vacuum cleaners to soak water as it may prove to be fatal and dangerous. Call a professional water damage restorer to handle the water damaged situation. We could reach all suburbs of Melbourne in an hour.

3. Odour removal process with bacterial decontamination

Once the water is removed, we work on removing the foul moist smell and odour associated with it. We also treat carpets with the anti-microbial bacterial treatment to sanitise, prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. Our unique therapy eliminates the unbearable damp smell.

4. Specialised water damage carpet drying

Our industrial-strength Air-movers, carpet dryers and Dehumidifiers will dry and clean moisture from water flooded carpets, sub-floors and underlay to prevent the mould and mildew growth. We may lift your carpet to achieve optimal required results for water damage carpet drying. Dehumidifiers will remove moisture from wet surfaces. If the humidity is not removed from the wet areas; then it could cause secondary damage to other related items and walls.

5. Removal of stains and browning from water damaged carpet

Once the drying program is processed, we will attempt to clean the stains that water damaged carpets could have left. Our browning treatment will lift and extract cellulosic browning that may have resulted from flood damage.

6. Ongoing monitoring of the water damage restoration process

Our water damage experts will continue to observe the process right from the beginning until the drying and staining process is completed to provide maximum satisfying results. We will keep you informed of all the procedures and report any issues to you, if any, with a process on how water damage restoration will be handled and managed.

7. Re-laying and restretching carpets

Carpets, when dried, will have to be re-laid and restretched if possible as and where required. This restretching process will ensure you do not have any bulge on the carpets across the room, and it remains uniform through the surface. Re-laying and restretching is to be done with utmost care.

8. Insurance reporting

We will provide you with the final report of the work for insurance purpose. We provide you with all the justification for all the efforts we took during the water damage restoration process. This report could help you with your insurance claims.

What to do before the Pros arrive

When you have already called for help to restore your water damaged carpets, there are a few things that you could proceed with, for optimal restoration by the cleaners.

  1. Disconnect the electrical power.
  2. Unplug any electronics such as fridge, microwave, washing machine or dishwasher.
  3. Move furniture away from the wet surfaces.
  4. Soak as much water as possible by all means.
  5. Mop the wet floor where possible.
  6. Keep the water damaged area ventilated.
  7. Dispose of damaged items responsibly.

How to Contact Us

To hire our expert restorers, call us now on 1300 522 097 to assess your carpet water damage and initiate water damage restoration program.