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24 hours, seven days a week Frankston Wet Carpet Restoration providing professional wet carpet restoration services including emergency wet carpet drying, wet carpet cleaning, water extraction and wet carpet floor repair services in Frankston within 1 hour of your call.

To ensure you get the most optimal outcome, wet carpet restoration service has to be attended immediately. Contact our office on 1300 522 097 anytime to book wet carpet drying services in Frankston. The sooner you call us, the faster we will be able to start drying wet carpet and cleaning it to restore the wet carpet providing you with a stain-free, odourless carpet. Our wet carpet drying service is affordable to Frankston dwellers and surrounding suburbs.

Wet carpet drying is necessary for the prevention of mould and other fungi growth. To correctly process drying of a wet carpet, water extraction should be initiated at the earliest, clean the water damaged area and then start drying out the carpet, underlay, padding and sub-floor.

Wet Carpet Inconvenience

wet carpet vacuuming at homeWater ingress not only affect the upper floor but it also damages the surrounding walls and the subfloor beneath it. It can also affect the surrounding structure, furniture, flooring and carpets. Regardless of the damaged area, the wet carpet drying process must consider the assessment and drying of a wall to wall carpet or just carpet coverings such as carpet tiles, stick carpet or Flotex carpet, the wet sub-floor drying should also be considered.

Wet Carpet also has a risk of growing mould and mildew which can cause harmful side effects to your health. Mould can be unnoticed at the start and it could lead to a potentially hazardous medical condition for the elderly and children.

Wet carpet cleaning

Wet carpet cleaning is not general steam or carpet cleaning method. It requires special attention during water damage and to salvage a wet carpet. If not treated urgently, it could cause a bad damp smell, mould growth and water stains on to the carpet. Our professional wet carpet cleaners assess the underlay, its type, sub-floor and carpet fibre assessment, the moisture level in the affected area, category of the water damage and respond in a timely manner to provide an appropriate method for wet carpet cleaning.

Our usage of wet carpet cleaning and sanitisation with the power of heat, dry steam, bristle rotary brushes and dryer to remove dirt, grease, germs, bacteria, stains, dust mites and mould to provide hygienic, sanitised, odourless and disinfected environment for suitable living. Wet carpet cleaning includes treating the stains to remove them effectively.

Wet Carpet Assessment

The first step in restoring your wet carpet is wet carpet assessment. Our experts utilise moisture meters to analyse and study the extent of water damage to your wet carpet, and also with the help of such moisture meaning devices we are able to identify the unseen damage with infrared sensors. We not only inspect the wet carpet but also assess the wetness of subfloor, carpet padding, underlay to have comprehensive information. It helps us to know if your wet carpet can be salvaged or not and also helps in estimating the cost for wet carpet drying or carpet replacement recommendation.

To ensure the safety of the inhabitants, all the electrical outlets be shut off. The furniture and other heavy items need to be relocated to a safe and dry place. If the carpet gets wet by unsanitary water or black water, your carpet is not salvageable and it should be replaced by disinfecting the wet floor.

Wet Carpet Restoration Method

Emergency wet carpet restoration involves water extraction from floor and carpet, underlay and sub-floor to remove moisture. We use high-tech water extraction tools to remove moisture from flooded wet carpet. Upon water removal, we sanitise wet carpets and steam clean it using vapour and heat. At the same time, we use anti-browning and anti-bacterial treatment to remove stains and sanitise the carpet respectively.

wet carpet vacuuming and cleaning at home

Drying a wet carpet quickly will not have a bad odour or mould damage. There is a possibility of having a carpet damp even after the steam cleaning and so we use commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and dry out the wet carpet. Depending upon the flooded carpet damage, we also use specialised heaters to accelerate the dehumidifying process more efficiently.

Wet carpet restoration service may also include wet carpet underlay removal process and disposal. We can also supply and install a new carpet, underlay, carpet grippers and trimmers. It could take around 2

days to completely dry the wet carpet during which we collect the carpet drying equipment from your premise until then we allow it to run continuously for 24 hours.

There are three ways one can dry wet carpet: Carpet drying from the surface, carpet drying from beneath the carpet and carpet drying by removing underlay. Each of the three methods is explained below:

Carpet drying from surface

The easiest of all the drying method is carpet drying from the surface. In this method, drying equipment is placed near the wet surface and the hot air is blown directly towards it. This process will dry the wet area faster however there are also considerations to be taken for underlay, the tyre of carpet fibre and water saturation level. This method is best suitable for carpet tiles, hard floor coverings, flotex carpets and stick carpets.

Carpet drying from beneath

In this carpet drying process, the carpet is lifted up from one of the corners and air mover is placed there. The air is blown to dry out the padding, underlay and subfloor. This process will dry the carpet faster which also reduces the chances of mould growth and bad smell. It also helps in reducing the chances of developing water stains.

Carpet drying by removing the underlay

The carpet underlay is mostly disposed of at all times and hence the best way of carpet drying is to lift the carpet, remove and dispose off underlay to set up the carpet dryers underneath to dry out the wet carpet and the floor. In Frankston homes, the carpet floor coverings contain rubber underlay, or foam underlay or jute underlay and none of them is salvageable so remove them to speed up the drying process. This process provides magnificent results that salvage the carpet, stains free with the prevention of mould and bad smell. The result could be made more satisfactory by sanitising the carpet and applying the odour removal therapy to keep the carpets odourless. However, this method is costly comparatively than other methods explained above.

Wet Carpet Restoration Precautions

We restore wet carpets every day. Call our wet carpet drying Frankston specialists to dry your affected area.

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